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For more of Lilliana's work, see below...

The Beautiful Series

New Adult Romance based in Sydney, Australia.

Each book is a complete story.

Series linked by common characters. 

The Beauty in Between

companion novellas for fans of the Beautiful Series.

Refer to ABOUT THE BEAUTIFUL SERIES  for more information.  

The Drawn Series

Choose Your Own Adventure meets Sliding Doors.

Read book one for free then choose your favourite hero before purchasing book two to cast your vote -- Team Damien or Team Aaron. 

Your choice is everything. Choose your hero wisely....

Drawn to Fight

Drawn to Fight tells both sides of a harrowing battle for survival. Siblings Zac and Meg are caught in the centre of an illegal MMA ring and need to fight for survival. 


full-length, complete stories in one beautifully crafted book

47 Things

a heart-wrenching series about love against the odds. Have your tissues handy

Fire & Lies

When the only way to fix your life is to rob a bank with the man whose heart you broke, sparks will fly...

Entwined Series

When Mia starts blacking out, she seeks the help of psychologist Cayd Donnelly to explain her odd behaviour. From there, her whole life changes when secrets are revealed and sparks fly where they shouldn't. 

Confidante Trilogy

a biographical series following a Sydney sex worker as she advances through the ranks of her career as a sex worker; all so she can provide for her boys. 

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