Cartwright Brothers, Book 2

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Before Sam, I was the most boring, awkward and level-headed person you've ever met.

I was my best friend's side-kick, the supporting actress to another person's life. And I was OK like that. 
I was lonely. 
But I was OK. 
Then I met Sam. Our eyes locked and BANG my heart started beating. As my blood warmed and pumped around my body, everything changed. Before that moment, I had been as dead inside as the stiffs I applied make-up to in the mortuary. Now I was alive, experiencing things for the first time, enamoured with a man I knew to be a criminal. 
Instead of running and remaining the good Catholic girl I was, I married him. 
Now I have to live with the consequences of that decision.


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Cartwright Brothers (Fools Series) 

1. Fool Me Twice

2. Fools Rush In

3. Foolish Games

4. Fool's Errand

5. Fool's Paradise


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Fools Rush In (Cartwright Brothers, 2)