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Cartwright Brothers, Book 4

Signed and Personalised


I’m a tomboy through and through. But when the man of my dreams walks through my door, I want to be all woman. But that’s not how I roll….

Skirts and dresses, makeup and perfume. Things I knew nothing about. With my red hair and lanky body, I was just one of the guys. The ‘cool’ girl they hung out with but rarely dated seriously. Not that I had time for relationships anymore. Ever since my grandad passed, I’d been working day and night to try and salvage the failing locksmith business he’d spent his lifetime building. 

Then he walked in. Abbot Cartwright. Childhood friend. Collector of many women. I hadn’t seen him since he was thirteen. 

He grew up good. 

He also liked to play games. Games I was willing to be a part of, at first. Then things started getting serious—and illegal...

I had feelings and morals. 
Abbot didn’t have either. 
He needed my expertise, and I needed his commitment. 

Seemed neither of us was going to get one without the other. And I was getting too old to play games.


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Cartwright Brothers (Fools Series) 

1. Fool Me Twice

2. Fools Rush In

3. Foolish Games

4. Fool's Errand

5. Fool's Paradise


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Fool's Errand (Cartwright Brothers, 4)