Cartwright Brothers, book one

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‘Some husbands bought their wives flowers, others bought jewellery. Mine? He returned the things he stole.’

I should have known better. Hot guys didn’t hit on big girls without an agenda. They didn’t approach them in bars and talk their way into your bed. They also didn’t make you feel beautiful and proud of your curves. But I was going through a dry spell—actually, I’d kind of been going through a dry spell all my life—and dry spells sucked. Of course I slept with him.
I was such a fool. 
I believed his lines. Fell for his easy smile; the man swept me off my feet, rocked my world, then robbed me blind. 
I really needed a three date rule.
Angry and embarrassed, I engaged the help of my best friend to track the thief down and make him return what he took. But when I found him, he wasn’t alone....
What does a girl do when she finds not one thief, but an entire family? 
She marries into it, of course. 

Find out more in Fool Me Twice, a full length standalone novel from bestselling Australian author, Lilliana Anderson.


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Cartwright Brothers (Fools Series) 

1. Fool Me Twice

2. Fools Rush In

3. Foolish Games

4. Fool's Errand

5. Fool's Paradise


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Fool Me Twice (Cartwright Brothers 1)