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Always forward. Never back. 

I’ve lived my life to that mantra. The past should stay in the past, buried along with the discomfort and heartache.

Always forward.

I’m at the top of my game, dubbed as Australia’s most popular celebrity chef by Voyeur magazine. I’m the youngest chef to ever get a Michelin Star. I’ve travelled the world, thrown everything I have at my career, and I have zero regrets. 

Never back.

Then I receive an invite to a reunion. Suddenly that past I’ve buried comes flooding back: the girl I waited for; the girl I protected; the girl I loved with every inch of my soul; the girl who got away...

The girl who didn’t care.

The girl who used me then left me for someone else. 

Now I’m going back. Even though I promised myself I’d never think about that heartless b!tch again.

Tensions flare when Brad is faced with his first love and the reality behind her leaving in this emotionally heart wrenching standalone. Taste: Beautiful Series, six. Containing new and extended scenes from A Beautiful Taste in this updated novel.